- Web-based BDD for web apps, done in a funky way
What do you get when you mix WebDriver, Play!, and Knockout?

Bhave allows you to easily create BDD scenarios (what we call 'Bhaviours'), to define what your system should do. Bhaviours can be created by anyone, you don't need to be a coder! You can create them in natural language so they are easily understood by all.

If there is value in automating your bhaviours and turning them into acceptance tests, Bhave allows you to do this incredibly easily, utilising WebDriver and Selenium Grid under the covers to enable cross browser testing. You can nest bhaviours to build up complex scenarios, and re-use previously defined functionality.

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...and with grateful thanks to:
JBehave, JNarrate, FitNesse, Cucumber, Jasmine, Selenium